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Rm3d factum

€4,093.60 *
Net price: €3,440.00

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I own some cameras. And a few "treasures" such as Hasselblad 553 ELX or my Leica R6.2. In this... more
Product information "Rm3d factum"

I own some cameras.

And a few "treasures" such as Hasselblad 553 ELX or my
Leica R6.2.

In this series, the ArcaSwiss factum is classified seamlessly. Rarely I immediately had such a positive impression on a new camera.
Feel - Size - functionality.
Everything was perfect.

But now to the point:
ArcaSwiss wanted to make the smallest possible rangefinder camera for Digibacks.

The result is the Rm3d factum.
The Factum consists of 2 parts: The "Rm3d fac unit" and the "Rm3d date",
just the fac-tum.
The -tum can be rotated by 90 °, so that you can tilt the camera to both sides. Horizontally and as well vertically.

The turning radius is + / - 5 °. There is a clearly a noticeable 0 ° point.
The date has a network socket to communicate with the cloud or the e-module.

The comibination of the -tum with the fac-unit transform it to the ArcaSwiss factum.
There you can move the ground glass around 15mm in the vertical.

In addition, now the photographer decide:
I create horizontal panoramas and the horizontal sliding distance is important for me, I equip the Factum Factum with the L-bracket.

If I work with an assembled Digiback, I need the Vario Finder and also the Factum Vario Finder Holder.

Super comfortable is also the Factum handle.

If you want the e-module or the cloud to inform you precisely the camera needs at the left side the Factum e-module-holder.

The ArcaSwiss compendium is attached to the Factum Compendium holder to the camera.

You have the choice - very, very small or a little comfort here a little comfort their ........

True beauty can not be destroyed.

017069_1_1.jpg Rm3di
€5,196.73 *
Net price: €4,367.00
017045_1.jpg RL3di
€6,116.60 *
Net price: €5,140.00
017300.jpg Rm3d fac unit
€1,755.25 *
Net price: €1,475.00
M-two mf M-two mf
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019169_1.jpg F -universalis 6x9
€3,246.32 *
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802308_1.jpg Factum L-bracket
€285.60 *
Net price: €240.00
50403230.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/32 mm with aperture...
€8,579.90 *
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161008_1.jpg VarioFinder for R-Line Cameras
€1,398.25 *
Net price: €1,175.00
0141323_1.jpg M-two Dslr
€4,062.66 *
Net price: €3,414.00
0170243_1.jpg Factum Handgrip Extension
€336.77 *
Net price: €283.00
019123_1.jpg F -universalis Dslr
€2,744.14 *
Net price: €2,306.00
200009N_1.jpg Adapter Hasselblad V 6x9 (N-Standard ! )
€696.15 *
Net price: €585.00
50429030_2.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron SW 5,6/90 mm with...
€7,407.75 *
Net price: €6,225.00
8501000_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "FlipLock"
€1,517.25 *
Net price: €1,275.00
R-Mount for Canon Aperture Control (Front Extention) R-Mount for Canon Aperture Control (Front...
€702.10 *
Net price: €590.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€10,168.55 *
Net price: €8,545.00
F -classic C 4x5" F -classic C 4x5"
€3,570.00 *
Net price: €3,000.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_7.jpg F -classic 4x5"
€3,570.00 *
Net price: €3,000.00
013169_2_1.jpg F -metric C 6x9
€5,145.56 *
Net price: €4,324.00
101000_1.jpg Rotaslide© sliding back for 6x9 Cameras
€2,088.45 *
Net price: €1,755.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_22.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron SW 5,6/90 mm with...
€6,158.25 *
Net price: €5,175.00
L-Bracket monoball®Fix universal L-Bracket monoball®Fix universal
€226.10 *
Net price: €190.00
R -spacer ring special Fuji GFX 50R MF for Un-mounted Lenses F= 100-210 R -spacer ring special Fuji GFX 50R MF for...
€1,312.57 *
Net price: €1,103.00
013169_1.jpg F -metric 6x9
€5,145.56 *
Net price: €4,324.00
013145.jpg F -metric 4x5"
€4,727.87 *
Net price: €3,973.00
802306_1.jpg L-bracket Classic
€249.90 *
Net price: €210.00
8501300_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "FlipLock"
€1,968.26 *
Net price: €1,654.00
016181_1.jpg Lulf 11x14""/8x10""
€11,305.00 *
Net price: €9,500.00
50405030.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/50 mm with aperture...
€5,908.35 *
Net price: €4,965.00
870105_0.jpg d4 "MonoballFix"
€1,106.70 *
Net price: €930.00
802337.jpg Macro-table FlipLock
€440.30 *
Net price: €370.00
50412300.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron S 5,6/23 mm with...
€7,318.50 *
Net price: €6,150.00
50407000.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 5,6/70 mm with aperture...
€3,320.10 *
Net price: €2,790.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_34.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/32 mm with aperture...
€7,699.30 *
Net price: €6,470.00
OrbixM.jpg Orbix micrometric tilt F-Line (facultative)
€728.28 *
Net price: €612.00
801225_1.jpg Monoball p0+ hybrid "FlipLock"
€1,005.55 *
Net price: €845.00
Rear Extention Rear Extention
€390.32 *
Net price: €328.00
870113_1.jpg d4 geared pan "Classic"
€1,594.60 *
Net price: €1,340.00

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