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The ARCA Rm3di is the perfect tool for any photographer wishing to shoot both with a digital... more
Product information "Rm3di"

The ARCA Rm3di is the perfect tool for any photographer wishing to shoot both with a digital back and a film cassette. Let's start at the beginning: you can equip ARCA Rm3di with lenses ranging from 23 mm to 210mm. Provided, of course, that the newest backs support the imagecircles of the lenses.

The following Rodenstock lenses are available matching the Rm3di:


Sensor types and sensor sizes




IQ3 100MP, P65+ 


IQ 140


IQ 160, IQ 180 


IQ 250


IQ 260, IQ 280 


33 x 44 mm

37 x 49 mm

40 x 54 mm 


equivalent focal lengths to format 24 x 36 mm

HR Digaron-S 23 mm

19 mm

18 mm

16 mm

HR Digaron-S 28 mm

23 mm

22 mm

19 mm

HR Digaron-S 35 mm

29 mm

27 mm

23 mm

HR Digaron-S 60 mm

49 mm

46 mm

40 mm

HR Digaron-S 100 mm

82 mm

77 mm

68 mm

HR Digaron-S 180 mm

148 mm

139 mm

120 mm

HR Digaron-W 32 mm

26 mm

25 mm

21 mm

HR Digaron-W 40 mm

33 mm

31 mm

28 mm

HR Digaron-W 50 mm

41 mm

39 mm

33 mm

HR Digaron-W 70 mm

57 mm

54 mm

47 mm

HR Digaron-SW 90 mm

74 mm

70 mm

60 mm


During the development of Rm3di, ARCA-SWISS's engineers decided to employ a focusing system, which is integrated into the body of the camera. Thus, in contrast to printer manufacturers, there is no need to pay many times the total purchase price for ink or, analogously, for helical lens mounts and other accessories to be additionally purchased for the camera. Furthermore, the helical mount of the ARCA SWISS Rm3di is ten times more precise than traditional helical mounts. Each lens is mounted on a calibrated lens barrel with the the renowned precision of ARCA-SWISS. These objective lenses can then be either directly attached to ARCA SWISS\'s Rm3di via a bayonet joint or - and this, once again, is unique - used by means of a bayonet in professional cameras. A 10° shift capability has been integrated into the lenses of ALL camera bodies.
Architecture, auto and still life photographers are bound to be delighted with the ability to adjustimage sharpness according to the Scheimpflug principle. Being the only camera of this type, ARCA-SWISS's Rm3di enables absolutely all lenses to swing over the entire focusing range of 23-210 mm. This is done with the silver fine adjustment control beneath the objective lens. The motion is self-locking and halts with utmost precision at the 0 position. This does not result in any restriction of the field of view. Since the adjustment is carried out exactly in the center of the lens,there is no need for any subsequent readjustment of the focus.

The back features the standard 6x9 cm focusing screen of ARCA SWISS, model N. It permits the installation of all system accessories, such as a binocular viewfinder or compendium, for instance.

Of course, this focusing screen can be used both in portrait and landscape format. It can be adjusted horizontally by 40 mm and vertically by 30 mm via the lateral knobs. My mind's eye sees many an architecture photographers' heart missing a beat or two at this!

Nonetheless, architecture photographers are not the only ones that will be pleased about this - there are lots of photographers who want to stitch photographs or have to do so due to the perspective.
With the objective lens always remaining in its predefined position, the digiback can be moved from one stitch position to the next with unbelievable precision.
This completely rules out the much feared stereo effect. The VarioZoom viewfinder is located at the center near the top of ARCA SWISS Rm3di. It is reputedly the brightest viewfinder for this revolutionary new camera type. Thanks to its zooming capabilities, it covers all focal lengths in the range of 23 - 210mm with the corresponding masks. With the aid of these masks, it is extremely easy to transfer the adjustment onto the focusing screen and vice versa brillant as it is simple - and sure to make you smile!

The barrel integrated in the VarioZoom viewfinder provides information on both the focus and the depth of field. The VarioZoom viewfinder can be attached to the camera in portrait or in landscape format.

The lower end of ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is built in such a way that the Rm3di can be used as the front of a professional camera or on the optical bench of every ARCA-SWISS camera. Modular design par excellence - and highly praised by the competition.

Usually, the camera fastens by way of the quick-locking plate This plate is manufactured so that the ARCA-SWISS Rm3D can be directly clamped onto an ARCA-SWISS monoball or an ARCA-SWISS Cube. There is a hole in the middle of this quick-locking plate toallow the passage of the cable release Thus, the camera can be held with both hands during free-hand shooting and can, for example, be triggered with the left thumb - going off without delay and staying resistant to shocks.

The ARCA SWISS Rm3di weighs just 1050g with dimensions of 19.5 x 20.0 x 5.0 cm.

017300.jpg Rm3d fac unit
€1,644.88 *
Net price: €1,418.00
802306_1.jpg L-bracket Classic
€232.00 *
Net price: €200.00
019145_1.jpg F -universalis 4x5"
€3,364.00 *
Net price: €2,900.00
013145.jpg F -metric 4x5"
€4,259.52 *
Net price: €3,672.00
M-two mf M-two mf
€4,592.44 *
Net price: €3,959.00
161008_1.jpg VarioFinder for R-Line Cameras
€1,328.20 *
Net price: €1,145.00
0170241_1.jpg Rm3di Handgrip Extension
€315.52 *
Net price: €272.00
200015N.jpg Adapter Mamiya 645 6x9 (N-Standard ! )
€651.92 *
Net price: €562.00
50413500_1.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron S 4.0/35 mm Copal, R...
€5,309.32 *
Net price: €4,577.00
90702_1.jpg e-module (cloud) für R-Line Kameras
€1,644.88 *
Net price: €1,418.00
801224_1.jpg Monoball p0 hybrid "Classic"
€846.80 *
Net price: €730.00
50404030.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/40 mm Copal, R...
€5,307.00 *
Net price: €4,575.00
019169_1.jpg F -universalis 6x9
€3,016.00 *
Net price: €2,600.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_7.jpg F -classic 4x5"
€3,224.80 *
Net price: €2,780.00
013169_2_1.jpg F -metric C 6x9
€4,707.28 *
Net price: €4,058.00
8501303_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "Classic"
€1,778.28 *
Net price: €1,533.00
Core 75 Leveler Classic Core 75 Leveler Classic
€841.00 *
Net price: €725.00
Core Leveler 60 Classic Core Leveler 60 Classic
€604.36 *
Net price: €521.00
801215_0.jpg Monoball p0 "FlipLock"
€364.24 *
Net price: €314.00
801114_0.jpg Monoball Z1+ double pan "FlipLock"
€562.60 *
Net price: €485.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_12.jpg F -classic C 6x9
€3,716.64 *
Net price: €3,204.00
016181_1.jpg Lulf 11x14""/8x10""
€11,020.00 *
Net price: €9,500.00
801104_0.jpg Monoball Z1+ single pan "FlipLock"
€409.48 *
Net price: €353.00
50429030_2.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron SW 5,6/90 mm Copal, R...
€6,834.72 *
Net price: €5,892.00
017142_01.jpg RotaMount
€568.40 *
Net price: €490.00
50403230.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/32 mm Copal, R...
€8,131.60 *
Net price: €7,010.00
013169_1.jpg F -metric 6x9
€4,707.28 *
Net price: €4,058.00
8501005_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "MonoballFix"
€1,354.88 *
Net price: €1,168.00
OrbixM.jpg Orbix micrometric tilt F-Line (facultative)
€680.92 *
Net price: €587.00
013245.jpg F -metric C 4x5"
€4,259.52 *
Net price: €3,672.00
802310_4.jpg Panorama Unit "MonoballFix"
€207.64 *
Net price: €179.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€6,606.20 *
Net price: €5,695.00
801213_0.jpg Monoball p0 with "MonoballFix"
€302.76 *
Net price: €261.00
801223_1.jpg Monoball p0 hybrid "MonoballFix"
€808.52 *
Net price: €697.00
015281_1.jpg Misura 8x10" incl. orbix dynamic
€6,029.68 *
Net price: €5,198.00
091000_8_2.jpg Lens board 110x110, standard, flat with...
€349.16 *
Net price: €301.00
802305_1.jpg L-bracket for Mamiya/PhaseOne 645/XF
€193.72 *
Net price: €167.00
200009N_1.jpg Adapter Hasselblad V 6x9 (N-Standard ! )
€651.92 *
Net price: €562.00
017045_1.jpg RL3di
€5,664.28 *
Net price: €4,883.00

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