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F -classic 8x10"

€6,529.53 *
Net price: €5,487.00

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The ARCA-SWISS f-classic is the lightest of the ARCA-SWISS technical cameras. There are two... more
Product information "F -classic 8x10""

The ARCA-SWISS f-classic is the lightest of the ARCA-SWISS technical cameras.

There are two essential differences to the ARCA-SWISS f-metric.

1.) The horizontal adjustment of the focusing screen and/or lens rail is carried out by a clamping mechanism.

2.) The vertical adjustment of the focusing screen is carried out by hand using an integrated height adjustment mechanism. As soon as the image detail has been selected, the focusing screen is secured using a locking knob. Being able to concentrate on what is important automatically means that you can enjoy the advantages of the first ARCA-SWISS technical camera, which is 'value for money' in the truest sense of the phrase. In addition, the landscape photographer who also has to cover large distances on foot appreciates the 200g saving in weight compared to the f-metric.

The ARCA-SWISS f-line is also available in the C model. The C stands for compact. Instead of a telescopic optical bench, a collapsible optical bench is included with this model. To keep our internet site relatively easy to use, we have not included it here.
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The ARCA-SWISS f-classic 8x10" comes with:
50cm telescopic optical bench
f-classic front function carrier
f-classic rear function carrier
f-classic 4x5" front format frame
f-classic 8x10" rear format frame
Film holder and focusing screen frame with Fresnel
Standard bellows 8x10", 50cm synthetic

Camera weight: 3.4kg

  f -classic  4x5 -8x10"
horizontal displacement:front±5cm
vertical displacement: front±5cm
swing:front und back±360°*
tilt:front und back±35°
*limited only by the bellows  

013181_1.jpg F -metric 8x10"
€7,234.05 *
Net price: €6,079.03
012281_Arca_Swiss_F_Classic_8x10_1.jpg F -classic C 8x10"
€6,529.53 *
Net price: €5,487.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_7.jpg F -classic 4x5"
€3,570.00 *
Net price: €3,000.00
OrbixM.jpg Orbix micrometric tilt F-Line (facultative)
€728.28 *
Net price: €612.00
014181_1.jpg M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€9,073.75 *
Net price: €7,625.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€10,168.55 *
Net price: €8,545.00
015281_1.jpg Misura 8x10" incl. orbix dynamic
€6,591.41 *
Net price: €5,539.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_20.jpg Orbix dynamic tilt F-Line (facultative)
€460.53 *
Net price: €387.00
013181_1.jpg F -metric 8x10"
€7,234.01 *
Net price: €6,079.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€7,110.25 *
Net price: €5,975.00
017069_1_1.jpg Rm3di
€5,196.73 *
Net price: €4,367.00
802320_2.jpg QuickLink Set
€174.93 *
Net price: €147.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€7,342.30 *
Net price: €6,170.00
M-two mf M-two mf
€4,942.07 *
Net price: €4,153.00
013181_3_1.jpg F -metric C 8x10"
€7,234.01 *
Net price: €6,079.00
016181_1.jpg Lulf 11x14""/8x10""
€11,305.00 *
Net price: €9,500.00
013245.jpg F -metric C 4x5"
€4,727.87 *
Net price: €3,973.00
0141323_1.jpg M-two Dslr
€4,062.66 *
Net price: €3,414.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_12.jpg F -classic C 6x9
€4,030.53 *
Net price: €3,387.00
013169_1.jpg F -metric 6x9
€5,145.56 *
Net price: €4,324.00
019169_1.jpg F -universalis 6x9
€3,246.32 *
Net price: €2,728.00
Camera plate universal 1/4 Camera plate universal 1/4
€64.26 *
Net price: €54.00
019123_1.jpg F -universalis Dslr
€2,744.14 *
Net price: €2,306.00
F -classic C 4x5" F -classic C 4x5"
€3,570.00 *
Net price: €3,000.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_76.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 8x10
€3,778.25 *
Net price: €3,175.00
017369_1.jpg Rm3d factum
€4,093.60 *
Net price: €3,440.00
802337.jpg Macro-table FlipLock
€440.30 *
Net price: €370.00
8501003_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "Classic"
€1,497.02 *
Net price: €1,258.00
802335_1.jpg Macro-table MonoballFix
€398.65 *
Net price: €335.00
017300.jpg Rm3d fac unit
€1,755.25 *
Net price: €1,475.00
013145.jpg F -metric 4x5"
€4,727.87 *
Net price: €3,973.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_49.jpg Bellow 8x10 standard, 50cm, biconical, synth.
€874.65 *
Net price: €735.00
8501300_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "FlipLock"
€1,968.26 *
Net price: €1,654.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_32.jpg MultiFormat Compendium 6x9/4x5
€741.37 *
Net price: €623.00
802310_4.jpg Panorama Unit "MonoballFix"
€222.53 *
Net price: €187.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_51.jpg Bellow 8x10 wide angle, 30cm, Leather
€810.39 *
Net price: €681.00
50403230.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/32 mm with aperture...
€8,579.90 *
Net price: €7,210.00
Panorama Unit "flip lock" Panorama Unit "flip lock"
€276.08 *
Net price: €232.00
Panorama Unit "MonoballFix" Panorama Unit "MonoballFix"
€249.90 *
Net price: €210.00
Core 75 Leveler FlipLock Core 75 Leveler FlipLock
€886.55 *
Net price: €745.00

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