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F -universalis Dslr

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The F-universalis is a very light, filigree view camera. In the dslr version it weighs just... more
Product information "F -universalis Dslr"

The F-universalis is a very light, filigree view camera.
In the dslr version it weighs just 1200g.
The f-universalis dslr is the camera with which you can turn your dslr or your mirrorless system camera into a view camera.
Since mirrorless cameras are much slimmer due to their design than cameras with mirrors, the camera can be used as a view camera.
(we speak of approx. 24-25mm) are of course much better suited to mirrorless cameras than cameras with mirrors.
The slimmer the camera body, the closer the sensor can be moved to the lens end.
So also: the slimmer the body, the shorter the focal length can be.
2 examples  
Use of TSE lenses: TSE lenses e.g. from Canon are excellent if you use a slim camera body from Sony or Fuji. On the one hand, these lenses have a sufficiently large image circle so that you can position the sensor well with the camera body.
and because these cameras are about 2.5 cm slimmer than the Canon, you have these 2.5 cm to focus.  
Zoom lenses also usually have a sufficiently large image circle.
Since the aperture values of these lenses are transmitted electronically from the camera to the lens, you need an adapter where you can adjust the aperture values and which then transmits these values electronically to the lens.
Use of medium format lenses: These usually excellent lenses were developed with a) an image circle for roll films, so they illuminate an image circle of approx. 6-9cm.
And the bodies of these cameras were so thick that today you have a lot of room to focus with the slim system cameras.
These lenses have a mechanical aperture in the shelf case. They are often offered on Ebay or similar portals at reasonable prices, so that you only have to purchase a (mechanical arca-swiss) adapter for the corresponding manufacturer.
Now the question arises, why should I use a view camera - why isn't the Tilt / Shift lens of the dslr manufacturer sufficient?
There are many reasons for this. The first and the most important one: By choosing the positioning of the front lens I determine my perspective. This should remain in place once selected. But it only does this if I can position my film or sensor.  
Also, only with this solution high-resolution large (fine) amounts of data are possible by moving the sensor horizontally and vertically and then merging the data into high-resolution photos.

The dedicated passionate photographer comes to completely different picture results with this setup than with the sole use of a fixed camera body.
A double Scheimpflug in which both axes can be moved independently of each other is also only possible with this equipment.
The bellows: The arca-swiss f-universalis is delivered with the wide angle bellows art. no.: 071013.
This bellows is square at one end and 100 x 100mm in size, so that it fits into the front standard of the camera. At the other end there is a magnetic circular opening.
All you have to do now is choose a bayonet that fits your camera.  
This type of construction offers you many advantages:  

    When changing from landscape to portrait format, the bellows are not twisted.

    The construction is lightproof

    With different cameras you only need a different bayonet and not a complete bellows.  


The front standard: The lens standard is designed for the arca-swiss camera plates 100 x 100mm. The lens standard is equipped with the arca-swiss developed and patented Orbix swivel for the horizon swivel. With this patent it is possible to execute the so-called tilt movement in the middle of the front standard. This ensures that the sharpness does not have to be adjusted or only slightly when the Scheimpflug rule is executed. The Orbix swivel is fine driven with the f-universalis, i.e. the Orbix swivel micrometric is used.
The height adjustment is also fine-tuned.
The height adjustment possibility is approx. 40mm.
The vertical swivel is achieved by opening and closing a small knob.
The base tube has a length of 200mm.
The "Monoball Fix" mount was developed from the geometry of this base tube. I.e. in the reverse conclusion, this camera is held safe and precise by the small holding system, the Monoballfix system.


The "ground glass" carrier:
is best described today by the English term "function carrier". Here again we have a height adjustment possibility of approx. 40mm, which is again fine-tuned. Focusing and fixing is done via the finely driven rotary knobs in the foot end of the "function carrier". At the upper end of the function carrier the following is located

Recommended L-Brackets Canon:
Canon 5D Mark I to Mark IV: L-Bracket Classic (802306)

Recommended L-Brackets Sony:
A7 Series: Mini L-Bracket anti-twist (802304.1)

Recommended L-Brackets Fuji:
Fuji X-Series: Mini L-Bracket anti-twist (802304.1)
Fuji GFX50S: Mini L-Bracket rubberized (802304.2) & Fuji GFX Mount (802304.2)
Fuji GFX50R: Mini L-Bracket anti-twist (802304.1), but this solution blocks access to battery compartment

Recommended L-Brackets Leica:
Leica M-Series: Mini L-Bracket anti-twist (802304.1)
Leica SL Series: Mini L-Bracket anti-twist (802304.1)
Leica S-Series: L-Bracket Classic (802306)

802304.jpg Mini L-bracket rubberized
€201.11 *
Net price: €169.00
Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Fuji GFX Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Fuji GFX
€120.19 *
Net price: €101.00
Bellow 6x9 wide angle Bellow 6x9 wide angle
€368.90 *
Net price: €310.00
870103_0.jpg d4 "Classic"
€1,073.38 *
Net price: €902.00
50407000.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 5,6/70 mm Copal, incl....
€3,650.00 *
Net price: €3,067.23
802304_1_1.jpg Mini L-Bracket rubberized + Anti-twist lip
€218.96 *
Net price: €184.00
091020_Arca_Swiss_Lensboard_Canon_Powerbank_277.jpg Lens board 110x110, Canon Aperture Control
€1,059.10 *
Net price: €890.00
802251_1.jpg Adapter monoballFix - Classic
€30.94 *
Net price: €26.00
0141323_1.jpg M-two Dslr
From €3,872.26 *
Net price: €3,254.00
OrbixM.jpg Orbix micrometric tilt F-Line (facultative)
€698.53 *
Net price: €587.00
015281_1.jpg Misura 8x10" incl. orbix dynamic
€6,185.62 *
Net price: €5,198.00
8501300_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "FlipLock"
€1,843.31 *
Net price: €1,549.00
013181_1.jpg F -metric 8x10"
€6,788.95 *
Net price: €5,705.00
013245.jpg F -metric C 4x5"
€4,369.68 *
Net price: €3,672.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_14.jpg F -classic field C 4x5"
€3,988.88 *
Net price: €3,352.00
Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Sony E Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Sony E
€120.19 *
Net price: €101.00
Rodenstock Apo - Macro - Sironar - digital 5,6/120 mm Copal, incl. Lensboard Rodenstock Apo - Macro - Sironar - digital...
€2,489.48 *
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802314.jpg MonoballFix Pan System 2
€573.58 *
Net price: €482.00
802304.jpg Mini L-bracket rubberized
€201.11 *
Net price: €169.00
L-Bracket Dual-Base MonoballFix L-Bracket Dual-Base MonoballFix
€271.32 *
Net price: €228.00
013169_1.jpg F -metric 6x9
€4,829.02 *
Net price: €4,058.00
Core 75 Leveler MonoballFix Core 75 Leveler MonoballFix
€833.00 *
Net price: €700.00
Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Fuji GFX Bajonet Mount/Anschluss Fuji GFX
€120.19 *
Net price: €101.00
Bellow 6x9 wide angle Bellow 6x9 wide angle
€368.90 *
Net price: €310.00
019169_1.jpg F -universalis 6x9
€3,094.00 *
Net price: €2,600.00
013145.jpg F -metric 4x5"
€4,369.68 *
Net price: €3,672.00
802030.jpg Quick set device FlipLock to mount DSLR on...
€178.50 *
Net price: €150.00
Core Leveler 60 FlipLock Core Leveler 60 FlipLock
€644.98 *
Net price: €542.00
870114_1.jpg d4 geared pan "FlipLock"
€1,514.87 *
Net price: €1,273.00
052010_1.jpg Function carrier "MonoballFix"
€160.65 *
Net price: €135.00
091001_2.jpg Lens board 110x110,15mm rec. 0
€183.26 *
Net price: €154.00
017369_1.jpg Rm3d factum
€3,936.52 *
Net price: €3,308.00
802251_1.jpg Adapter monoballFix - Classic
€30.94 *
Net price: €26.00
Core 75 Leveler FlipLock Core 75 Leveler FlipLock
€886.55 *
Net price: €745.00
870103_0.jpg d4 "Classic"
€1,073.38 *
Net price: €902.00
041115_1.jpg Monorail II 0-15cm
€152.32 *
Net price: €128.00
017300.jpg Rm3d fac unit
€1,687.42 *
Net price: €1,418.00
019145_1.jpg F -universalis 4x5"
€3,451.00 *
Net price: €2,900.00
802311.jpg MonoballFix Pan System 1
€435.54 *
Net price: €366.00
50416000_1.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron S 4.0/60 mm Copal, R...
€4,220.93 *
Net price: €3,547.00
50412800.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron S 4,5/28 mm Copal, incl....
€6,454.56 *
Net price: €5,424.00
802306_1.jpg L-bracket Classic
€238.00 *
Net price: €200.00
802290_1.jpg Camera plate MonoballFix SLRindex Variokit
€72.59 *
Net price: €61.00
071011.jpg Bellows 6x9, ultra wide angle, 6cm, Leather
€335.58 *
Net price: €282.00
041035_1.jpg Bench MonoballFix 150mm
€151.13 *
Net price: €127.00
8501303_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "Classic"
€1,824.27 *
Net price: €1,533.00

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