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Function carrier M -monolith, back

€2,785.79 *
Net price: €2,341.00

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Just like the value of a piece of property, where three things are crucial (location, location... more
Product information "Function carrier M -monolith, back"
Just like the value of a piece of property, where three things are crucial (location, location and location), with the function carriers of a technical studio camera the three attributes "stability, stability and stability once again" are the all-important criteria that lead a professional photographer to make a purchase.

And an ARCA-SWISS monolith function carrier achieves this at only 1495g!

All adjustments that the photographer needs to make to the ARCA-SWISS technical camera are operated by self-locking precision gears.

The moving parts of the ARCA-SWISS Monolith meet ergonomic and functional demands:

Adjustments that alter the perspective (horizontal and vertical tilt) are carried out by the photographer with the left hand.

The shift and height movements, focusing and its friction are carried out with the right hand.

Both with the horizontal tilt (7.5°) and the vertical tilt (9°), there is light resistance from the catches, so that the photographer can make adjustments without having to look at the displays on the ARCA-SWISS Monolith.

Three precise spirit levels integrated in the function carrier make the photographer's work easier.

In total an ARCA-SWISS Monolith function carrier allows for seven functions.

630005.jpg Format frame M -monolith 4x5, vorn, orbix /...
€1,065.05 *
Net price: €895.00
055000.jpg Function carrier M -monolith, front
€2,785.79 *
Net price: €2,341.00
063002.jpg Format frame M -monolith 6x9, back
€660.45 *
Net price: €555.00
063001_1.jpg Format frame M -monolith 6x9, front, orbix /...
€1,309.00 *
Net price: €1,100.00
043130.jpg Optical bench telescopic 30cm (45cm)
€574.77 *
Net price: €483.00
0141323_1.jpg M-two Dslr
€4,062.66 *
Net price: €3,414.00
019169_1.jpg F -universalis 6x9
€3,246.32 *
Net price: €2,728.00
043150_1.jpg Optical bench telescopic 50cm (75cm)
€798.49 *
Net price: €671.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€10,168.55 *
Net price: €8,545.00
200015N.jpg Adapter Mamiya 645 6x9 (N-Standard ! )
€696.15 *
Net price: €585.00
071011.jpg Bellows 6x9, ultra wide angle, 6cm, Leather
€354.62 *
Net price: €298.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€7,110.25 *
Net price: €5,975.00
M-two mf M-two mf
€4,942.07 *
Net price: €4,153.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_77.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 6x9/4x5 Leather
€1,724.31 *
Net price: €1,449.00
062006_1.jpg Format frame F -metric 4x5, front
€1,190.00 *
Net price: €1,000.00
041225.jpg Monorail-extension II 25 cm
€393.89 *
Net price: €331.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_78.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 6x9/4x5 synth.
€1,579.13 *
Net price: €1,327.00
019145_1.jpg F -universalis 4x5"
€3,621.17 *
Net price: €3,043.00
8501303_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "Classic"
€1,948.03 *
Net price: €1,637.00
OrbixM.jpg Orbix micrometric tilt F-Line (facultative)
€728.28 *
Net price: €612.00
071010.jpg Bellow 6x9, wide-angle 15cm, Leather
€408.17 *
Net price: €343.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_74.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 4x5
€1,461.32 *
Net price: €1,228.00
014181_1.jpg M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€9,073.75 *
Net price: €7,625.00
Core 75 Leveler Classic Core 75 Leveler Classic
€862.75 *
Net price: €725.00
017069_1_1.jpg Rm3di
€5,196.73 *
Net price: €4,367.00
041115_1.jpg Monorail II 0-15cm
€160.65 *
Net price: €135.00
080009_0572dpi.jpg Groundglass frame 4x5" with fresnel
€480.76 *
Net price: €404.00
023469_1.jpg Format-Set F -metric 6x9cm
€3,002.37 *
Net price: €2,523.00
042108_1.jpg Extension bracket II 8,5 cm
€158.27 *
Net price: €133.00
052101.jpg Function carrier F -metric, front
€1,219.75 *
Net price: €1,025.00
043140_1.jpg Optical bench telescopic 40cm (60cm)
€725.90 *
Net price: €610.00
041120.jpg Monorail II 0-20cm
€188.02 *
Net price: €158.00
F -classic C 4x5" F -classic C 4x5"
€3,570.00 *
Net price: €3,000.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_32.jpg MultiFormat Compendium 6x9/4x5
€741.37 *
Net price: €623.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_76.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 8x10
€3,778.25 *
Net price: €3,175.00
041226_1_2.jpg Monorail-extension II 15 cm
€354.62 *
Net price: €298.00

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