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d4 Manuell "MonoballFix"

€719.95 *
Net price: €605.00

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Product information "d4 Manuell "MonoballFix""

 „M“ stands for manual – The only difference between D4 and D4m is that the movements of the D4m are manual not geared.

The d4 is a symbiosis of a spherical head and a 3D tilt head. It is built of high quality and exceptional strenght.
ARCA-SWISS has succeeded in combining the advantages of both systems in one head and even integrating significant improvements over a conventional 3D tilt.
I think, it is a reinvention of a 3D tilt head.
The heads are small and compact, the usual annoying big levers are missing here completely.
You can use a d4 can like a normal ball head or like a 3D tilt head with geared movements.
When the X and Y axes are open, you can move the camera freely, but unlike a normal ball head, you can move them separately. This works even when both axes are open - even more accurately when one of the two is fixed.

The d4 has 2 panoramas: A rotating device is located at the base of the head.
With this the camera is aligned. The 2nd panorama is above the axes, so a perfect panoramic pan is made with the neatly adjusted camera.
The innovative design of the d4`s combines the pivot points of the X and Y movements into one point. This makes the panning radius of these movements very small. Found perspectives are preserved when readjusting.
The head's swiveling is equipped with a self-locking shock absorption feature, allowing for near total compensation of the camera's weight
Another notable feature is the positioning of the spirit levels. They are located below the upper panorama device and are arranged at a 90° angle. Both are visible so that the photographer can level his camera well even from a low position.

What does quick set device "MonoballFix" mean?
The Monoballfix lever is easy and safe to use. Due to the compact design and the self-closing mechanism, the MonoballFix quick clamp is an excellent alternative to the other quick clamps.
All MonoballFix camera plates, L-brackets and Monorails from Arca Swiss fit into the MonoballFix quick release.
An overview of all quick clamps can be found in our "Knowledge Base".


Art des Stativkopfes: 3D Neiger
Schnellspannung: MonoballFix
Maße: 84mm x 90mm x 125mm
Gewicht: 745 Gramm
Traglast: 40 kg
Achsen getrennt bedienbar: Ja
Friktion: Nein
Maximaler Neigungswinkel: 115 Grad
Panorama: Unten (am Stativgewinde), Oben (über den Achsen)
Libellen: Eine (an der Schnellspannung)
Ideal für (unsere Meinung): Landschaft, Panorama, Reisetauglich
870203_0.jpg d4 Manuell "Classic"
€763.98 *
Net price: €642.00
870103_0.jpg d4 "Classic"
€1,145.97 *
Net price: €963.00
870204_0.jpg d4 Manuell "FlipLock"
€680.00 * €741.37 *
Net price: €571.43
870114_1.jpg d4 geared pan "FlipLock"
€1,620.78 *
Net price: €1,362.00
870104_0.jpg d4 "FlipLock"
€1,172.15 *
Net price: €985.00
870115_1.jpg d4 geared pan "MonoballFix"
€1,558.90 *
Net price: €1,310.00
870105_0.jpg d4 MonoballFix
€1,106.70 *
Net price: €930.00
8501003_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "Classic"
€1,497.02 *
Net price: €1,258.00
802306_1.jpg L-bracket Classic
€249.90 *
Net price: €210.00
802320_2.jpg Quick-Link Set
€174.93 *
Net price: €147.00
Core Leveler 60 "MonoballFix" Core Leveler 60 "MonoballFix"
€602.14 *
Net price: €506.00
870113_1.jpg d4 geared pan "Classic"
€1,594.60 *
Net price: €1,340.00
8501300_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "FlipLock"
€1,968.26 *
Net price: €1,654.00
Monoball p0 "classic" Monoball p0 "classic"
€371.28 *
Net price: €312.00
8501000_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "FlipLock"
€1,517.25 *
Net price: €1,275.00
Core Leveler 60 "FlipLock" Core Leveler 60 "FlipLock"
€667.59 *
Net price: €561.00
Core Leveler 60 "Classic" Core Leveler 60 "Classic"
€641.41 *
Net price: €539.00
801124_0.jpg Monoball Z1 g+ double pan "FlipLock"
€725.90 *
Net price: €610.00
801225_1.jpg Monoball p0+ hybrid "FlipLock"
€1,005.55 *
Net price: €845.00
Monoball p0+ "FlipLock" Monoball p0+ "FlipLock"
€476.00 *
Net price: €400.00
Core 75 Leveler "FlipLock" Core 75 Leveler "FlipLock"
€886.55 *
Net price: €745.00
Monoball p0 "MonoballFix" Monoball p0 "MonoballFix"
€328.44 *
Net price: €276.00
Monoball p0 mit 1/4" & 3/8" Gewindeteller Monoball p0 mit 1/4" & 3/8" Gewindeteller
€304.64 *
Net price: €256.00
801114_0.jpg Monoball Z1+ double pan "FlipLock"
€610.47 *
Net price: €513.00
8501305_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "MonoballFix"
€1,930.18 *
Net price: €1,622.00
017045_1.jpg RL3di
€6,116.60 *
Net price: €5,140.00
802332.jpg X-table FlipLock
€645.68 *
Net price: €542.59
Monoball P1+ "FlipLock" Monoball P1+ "FlipLock"
€541.45 *
Net price: €455.00
801104_0.jpg Monoball Z1+ single pan "FlipLock"
€442.68 *
Net price: €372.00
802265_1.jpg Kameraplatte MonoballFix 48 (Universal)
€45.22 *
Net price: €38.00
Core 75 Leveler "MonoballFix" Core 75 Leveler "MonoballFix"
€833.00 *
Net price: €700.00
017069_1_1.jpg Rm3di
€5,196.73 *
Net price: €4,367.00
802337.jpg Macro-table FlipLock
€440.30 *
Net price: €370.00
801121_0.jpg Monoball Z1g+ single pan "Classic"
€628.32 *
Net price: €528.00
Monoball p0 "FlipLock" Monoball p0 "FlipLock"
€398.65 *
Net price: €335.00
801102_0.jpg Monoball Z1+ single pan mit 3/8 Gewindeteller
€395.08 *
Net price: €332.00
801122_0.jpg Monoball Z1g+ single pan "FlipLock"
€648.55 *
Net price: €545.00
Kameraplatte Universal 1/4 Kameraplatte Universal 1/4
€64.26 *
Net price: €54.00
Kameraplatte MonoballFix Variokit Compact Kameraplatte MonoballFix Variokit Compact
€76.16 *
Net price: €64.00
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