d4 geared pan "FlipLock"

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PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Due to the great success of the GP series, the demand exceeds... more
Product information "d4 geared pan "FlipLock""

Due to the great success of the GP series, the demand exceeds the production capacities of the manufacturer by far,
so we can't announce any delivery times at this time.
For an order you should expect a delivery time of at least 6 months.
Please choose prepayment as payment method and do not transfer in advance.
We will contact you as soon as "your" GP is available.

The patented ARCA-SWISS C1 cube and ARCA-SWISS D4 with their unique design and innovative construction have been further developed and are now available with a gear driven self-locking panning device situated underneath the camera quick release, for secure and precise positioning.

The new versions of our heads will be designated “gp” for geared panning control. The photographer now has a choice when using pan for an image — gear driven or free movements. When the gp knob is pulled out, the pan movement is free for coarse and quick panning adjustments. When the gp knob is pushed in, the gears inside the panning device are re-engaged and will offer precision geared rotation of the camera. Using the new geared panning device, cameras and lenses can be moved micro-metrically in three axes. Due to its position, panoramic movements will maintain the central axis. Additionally, ARCA-SWISS C1 cube gp and ARCA-SWISS D4 gp are equipped with a second manual panning control at the base of the head for aligning the head on the tripod. The new C1 cube gp and D4 gp will be offered separately and are not replacing the current versions

Now preorder!
We expect the first D4 gp heads in the second quarter of 2017
Please select in the Preorder necessarily the payment "in advance" and tell us in the comments in the order process, how you want to pay when the head is ready for shipping


Type of tripod head: 3D tilt head, geared tripod head
quick set device: FlipLock
measurement: 84mm x 90mm x 135mm
Weight: 1035 Gramm
Payload: 30 kg
Axes can be operated separately: Yes
Friction: No
Maximum angle of inclination: 115 degrees
Panorama: Bottom (at tripod thread connection), Upper geared (above the axes)
spirit leveler: Two
specific feature: Self-locking gearing
Perfect for (our opinion): Landscape, Panorama, Macro
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