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VarioFinder for R-Line Cameras

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In the original sense of the whole ARCA SWISS R-Line is a very reduced viewfinder camera. So... more
Product information "VarioFinder for R-Line Cameras"

In the original sense of the whole ARCA SWISS R-Line is a very reduced viewfinder camera. So to speak, the high-end M.

As for this, but not integrated in the body, but as an optional goodies, there is the R-Line has a viewfinder.
2012, the viewfinder was once developed. Now you can the parallax not only vertically but also horizontally to make very simple.

What stands out first is the incredibly bright and very distortion-free image with the focus page.

With only a single detector of the focal length of 23 reports is - 210mm covered.
How does it work?
We first take a look at the viewfinder (Fig. 2).
We see 4 columns. The left column shows the different film formats and sensor sizes are indicated. Over the next three columns to the right you will find the focal lengths of lenses possible. In the first, the short focal lengths, in the 2nd the medium focal lengths, the right long focal lengths.
In the tables right next to the sensor format can be read off the indices of the viewfinder masks. There are not more than 3 (Fig. 3)
Now the thumb screw (Fig. 4) counterclockwise solved easily, now can the two rectangular tubes easily slide together or pull apart again. Once you have set the focal length (at the intersection of the rectangular tubes), the viewfinder again fixed with the screw on the right.
At the intersection of column focal length and sensor size of the table is the index number. Example: sensor size of 54x40mm, f = 40mm, we have the index 10
So let the viewfinder mask 10 attached to the front of the viewfinder. Looking now from the rear through the viewfinder, the metal mask for so long back and forth until you have all 4 corners even light points.
This is the setting for the 0 position of the camera. The architectural photographer moves the mask until now up until the image has the desired section. Now you can see (eg) a bottom edge of the viewfinder - or two hole-rich. Each row of holes is rotated, the focusing screen to 5mm in the opposite direction.
This applies both to the vertical, as well as for horizontal movement.

Do we need it?
Definitely yes.
What for?

Street photography
As I said, very originally, the Arca-Swiss R line-a "simple" camera viewfinder.

Since most people is clearly not safe, what kind of camera it is in an R-Line, they are more resolved and the photographer has the opportunity images in the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson to make.
The 50 or even 35 Asa, which can be adjusted at a Digiback do the rest in order to decelerate the photograph. Then translate the raw black and white, producing a beautiful fine art print.

Winter or other inclement
We want photographers (professional) or to shoot at the klirrensten temperatures. At minus 15 or minus 20 degrees, it sometimes takes a minute, until the fingers can not move properly. Replace with stiff fingers against the ground glass Digiback? The lights even the biggest fan of the ground glass a design that with an attached bakery and Focus Finder is a lot easier.

Search the perspective.
At the beginning of a session I am always the right prospects. This is the "solo" Finder is a very big help.

Scope of delivery:

Both Vario Finder masks, as well as the drum will be delivered suitable for and with the

017045_1.jpg RL3di
€6,116.60 *
Net price: €5,140.00
017069_1_1.jpg Rm3di
€5,196.73 *
Net price: €4,367.00
017369_1.jpg Rm3d factum
€4,093.60 *
Net price: €3,440.00
90702_1.jpg e-module (cloud) für R-Line Kameras
€1,687.42 *
Net price: €1,418.00
101000_1.jpg Rotaslide© sliding back for 6x9 Cameras
€2,088.45 *
Net price: €1,755.00
M-two mf M-two mf
€4,942.07 *
Net price: €4,153.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_32.jpg MultiFormat Compendium 6x9/4x5
€741.37 *
Net price: €623.00
50403230.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/32 mm with aperture...
€8,579.90 *
Net price: €7,210.00
041225.jpg Monorail-extension II 25 cm
€393.89 *
Net price: €331.00
Rear Extention Rear Extention
€390.32 *
Net price: €328.00
0141323_1.jpg M-two Dslr
€4,062.66 *
Net price: €3,414.00
080009_0572dpi.jpg Groundglass frame 4x5" with fresnel
€480.76 *
Net price: €404.00
013145.jpg F -metric 4x5"
€4,727.87 *
Net price: €3,973.00
8501300_1_1.jpg Cube C1 gp (geared panning) "FlipLock"
€1,968.26 *
Net price: €1,654.00
802308_1.jpg Factum L-bracket
€285.60 *
Net price: €240.00
802332.jpg X-table FlipLock
€645.68 *
Net price: €542.59
019123_1.jpg F -universalis Dslr
€2,744.14 *
Net price: €2,306.00
072041.jpg Bellow 4x5 standard, 40cm, synth.
€349.86 *
Net price: €294.00
90700_1.jpg e-module (sonar) für R-Line Kameras
€1,237.60 *
Net price: €1,040.00
200015N.jpg Adapter Mamiya 645 6x9 (N-Standard ! )
€696.15 *
Net price: €585.00
50429030_2.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron SW 5,6/90 mm with...
€7,407.75 *
Net price: €6,225.00
017142_01.jpg RotaMount
€611.66 *
Net price: €514.00
50404030.jpg Rodenstock HR Digaron W 4,0/40 mm with aperture...
€5,813.15 *
Net price: €4,885.00
M -monolith  8x10", orbix micrometric M -monolith 8x10", orbix micrometric
€7,110.25 *
Net price: €5,975.00
R -spacer ring special Fuji GFX 50R MF for Un-mounted Lenses F= 100-210 R -spacer ring special Fuji GFX 50R MF for...
€1,312.57 *
Net price: €1,103.00
R-Mount for Canon Aperture Control (Front Extention) R-Mount for Canon Aperture Control (Front...
€702.10 *
Net price: €590.00
Core Leveler 60 Classic Core Leveler 60 Classic
€641.41 *
Net price: €539.00
8501003_1_0.jpg Cube C1 "Classic"
€1,497.02 *
Net price: €1,258.00
0170249_1.jpg Factum e-module holder
€149.94 *
Net price: €126.00
802335_1.jpg Macro-table MonoballFix
€398.65 *
Net price: €335.00
041115_1.jpg Monorail II 0-15cm
€160.65 *
Net price: €135.00
161004.jpg Reflex Magnifying Viewer for 4x5 Cameras
€930.58 *
Net price: €782.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_77.jpg Format-Set M -monolith 6x9/4x5 Leather
€1,724.31 *
Net price: €1,449.00
111000_2.jpg Compendium Lens Hood for 6x9 Camera
€617.61 *
Net price: €519.00
013169_1.jpg F -metric 6x9
€5,145.56 *
Net price: €4,324.00
071062.jpg Bellow 4x5, long, 70cm, synth.
€586.67 *
Net price: €493.00
F -metric field C 4x5" F -metric field C 4x5"
€5,156.27 *
Net price: €4,333.00
180024.jpg Fresnellinse für 4x5
€166.60 *
Net price: €140.00

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