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022181.jpg Format-Set F -classic 8x10
You already have a 4 x5 " or 5x7" ( 13x18cm ) camera of Arca Swiss? With this conversion kit you can convert your view camera on the size of 8x10 " . The Kit contains: 062031 Format frame 8x10“ F -classic, rear 088013 Film holder and...
€3,843.70 *
Net price: €3,230.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_71.jpg Format-Set F -metric 5x7
€3,058.30 *
Net price: €2,570.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_67.jpg Format-Set F -classic 5x7
This Kit contains: 062021 Format frame 5x7“ F -classic, rear 088012 Film holder and groundglass frame 5x7“ with Fresnel 075000 Standard bellows 5x7“, 50cm, biconical, synthetic
€3,028.55 *
Net price: €2,545.00
023469_1.jpg Format-Set F -metric 6x9cm
€2,817.92 *
Net price: €2,368.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_70.jpg Format-Set F -classic 6x9cm
€2,193.17 *
Net price: €1,843.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_72.jpg Format-Set F -metric 6x9-4x5 wide-angle
€2,101.54 *
Net price: €1,766.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_73.jpg Format-Set F -metric 6x9-4x5 synth.
€1,964.69 *
Net price: €1,651.00
023145_1.jpg Format-Set F -metric 4x5
€1,796.90 *
Net price: €1,510.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_68.jpg Format-Set F -classic 6x9-4x5 wide-angle
€1,757.63 *
Net price: €1,477.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_69.jpg Format-Set F -classic 6x9-4x5 synth.
€1,618.40 *
Net price: €1,360.00
0000000000000000000_Bild_folgt_66.jpg Format-Set F -classic 4x5
The Arca Swiss Format-Set F -classic 4x5 converts an 8x10 or 5x7 F-Line camera into a 4x5 F-Line camera. Consisting of a 4x5 F-Line format frame at the back with fine drive, a 4x5 film holder adapter with ground glass and Fresnel and a...
€1,405.39 *
Net price: €1,181.00

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